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Braun Audio.
In tune with today.

From streaming to sharing, from virtual to vinyl, Braun Audio embodies the perfect blend of iconic design, superior acoustic technology and unrivalled German engineering.

In 2019 we re-imagined our iconic LE speaker designs.


Braun Audio

Introducing the
Braun Audio LE
speaker range.

Created for today’s music lovers, podcast listeners and streamers, our carefully crafted, three authentically ‘Braun’ speakers perfectly balance aesthetics and utility, technology and humanity, form and performance.


The flagship model. A smart speaker that beautifully delivers expansive, deeply immersive Braun sound and wide dynamic range with consistent crystal clarity.

LE smart speakers overview

LE01 smart speaker


Uniquely powerful with dynamic range, a premium, mid-sized speaker delivering an immersive Braun sound experience.

LE smart speakers overview

LE02 smart speaker


A perfectly scaled Braun speaker, elegantly compact with dynamic range and immersive sound.

LE smart speakers overview

LE03 smart speaker

Tuned to perfection.
Building the uniquely Braun sound.

Where the LE 1 of 1959 utilised audio technologies widely upheld to be the best available of the time in their electrostatic loudspeaker design, the re-imagined LE series leverages the cutting-edge of today’s advanced audio technologies.

With latest generation class-D amplifiers and switching power-supplies, Balanced Mode Radiators and low-profile aluminium high-excursion woofers mated to customised quadratic passive radiators, the Braun LE range delivers audio clarity, sound dispersion and bandwidth commensurate with the timeless, slim-form LE loudspeaker design.

The clear, precise Braun sound of today has been achieved through the implementation of a bespoke-developed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) pipeline in conjunction with high power ARM computing cores. It is then hand-tuned in Germany by a world-class audio development team.

Braun Audio
LE Series

Details matter.

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Room-filling performance with next generation balanced mode radiators.

The BMRs used in the LE speakers are key to delivering their exceptional audio reproduction. BMRs® uniquely combine vertical and horizontal dispersion to deliver a 180-degree stage, meaning they are easy to position without the worry of a specific sweet spot of traditional speakers.

Used in conjunction with the woofers and passive radiators, which are custom designed for perfect mating, the use of BMRs enable truly room-filling performance.

Custom woofers for punchy, refined bass.

Equipped with bespoke designed ultra-low-profile, metal-cone woofers with neodymium motors and light-weight aluminium cones, they offer highly detailed and transient bass. With low-mass, high-rigidity moving parts, they deliver punchy, yet refined, bass performance at all volumes.

Unique quadratic and racetrack passive radiator for reduced distortion.

Forgoing off the shelf, motor-less passives, our engineering team has developed unique, high-mass, high-excursion radiators that tune the speakers to deliver exceptionally deep and punchy bass, with good sensitivity within the speaker’s slim cabinet design. These have a dual progressive linear-suspension construction for increased control and reduced distortion.

HD audio integrated amplifiers for clarity and control.

The LE range features the latest generation of HD audio integrated amplifiers. These are of monolithic class-D design, with all channels actively filtered and managed by advanced DSP algorithms to maximise the inherent clarity and control. As with many silicon technologies, these latest generation integrated amplifiers are at the forefront of performance and power-efficiency.

Featuring TalkToTM by DSP Concepts, the latest solution for voice control performance.

TalkToTM by DSP Concepts features Multichannel Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC) software, which cancels out noise from the speaker so the microphones can accurately hear the user’s voice.

AEC, when working in conjunction with the TalkToTM Adaptive Interference Canceller (AIC) - which cancels out noise from other sources, such as from air conditioning or television - the speaker can hear the user’s voice commands to the Google Assistant more effectively.

Braun Audio world firsts.

From 1956, Braun, under the design stewardship of Dieter Rams, created many audio firsts: the first all-wave receiver, the first mobile music player, the first wall mounted, integrated sound system, the first stackable Hi-Fi system, now exhibited at MoMA, the first record player with plexiglass cover and the first company to promote better listening experiences.


Dieter Rams


Braun T1000 (1963)


Braun Atelier (1980-1987)


Braun T1000 (1963)


Braun Atelier (1980-1987)


Braun T1000 (1963)


Braun Atelier (1980-1987)


‘Good design is innovative…
Technological development is always
offering new opportunities for
innovative design. But innovative
design always develops in tandem
with innovative technology, and can
never be an end in itself.’

Dieter Rams
Chief Design Officer
Braun 1961-1995

Sound foundations.

Our guiding philosophy is best expressed in the words of one our most revered designers, Dieter Rams: ‘Good design is honest’ – free from non-essentials and fashionable gimmicks and is fundamentally ‘right’ for its ultimate purpose.

The underlying design ethos was, and still is, inspired by Bauhaus modernism and the notion that mass production is no barrier to individual artistic expression.

Braun embodies the perfect blend of aesthetics and utility, alongside superior technology and unrivalled German craftsmanship, grounded in human needs, to create products that are both timeless and timely.

Dieter Rams.
10 principles of good design.

In the 1970s, against a backdrop of ‘impenetrable confusion of forms, colours and noises’, Dieter Rams asked himself an important question: is my design good design?

His answer is expressed in his ten principles for good design.

Good design

is innovative.
makes a product useful.
is aesthetic.
makes a product understandable.
is unobtrusive.
is honest.
is long-lasting.
is thorough down to the last detail.
is environmentally-friendly.
is as little design as possible.


[whole concept]

Integral to the Braun approach was to realise ‘gesamtkonzept’ throughout the design process; to carefully consider the whole system or concept, not just the individual elements.

About Braun.

Since 1921, we have earned a formidable reputation for the creation of iconic products and unique product experiences.

At the core of our approach is the insatiable desire to clarify, simplify and enhance the evolving and diverse ways people choose to live their lives.

This deep understanding of people, their wants, needs and desires, has guided and inspired us for nearly a century.


AB 21s (1978)


MPZ22 (1972)


ET66 (1987)


RT 20 (1961)


Micron plus de luxe (1980)


Cylindric T 2 / TFG 2 (1968)

Braun Audio

Our Story.

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